The 25th Birthday of the Blizzard

Sioux City, IA – Winter 2010 has been the season of the blizzard, but at Dairy Queen® there is a different type of Blizzard® stirring up excitement. To celebrate the 25th birthday of its flagship treat, Dairy Queen is featuring a new Blizzard Treat flavor with Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie as Blizzard of the Month for April. 

Available at all Dairy Queen and DQ® Grill & Chill® locations nationwide throughout April, the Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie Blizzard is filled with gooey caramel, delicious brownie pieces and blended with creamy DQ soft serve. 

As part of the birthday celebration, participating Dairy Queen locations will host a customer appreciation week April 19-25 when customers can buy one Blizzard and get a second for 25 cents. “2010 will go down in history as the year of the blizzard and that will be especially true for Dairy Queen. We are kicking off a party that starts with this new Blizzard flavor and continues through the summer,” said Nicole Joy, Siouxland DQ representative.

“We’ve introduced more than 100 flavors since the first Blizzard was served upside down with a spoon 25 years ago.  A part of the 25th birthday, our first ever, custom-designed Blizzard®mobile will visit 25 cities across the U.S. and Canada, including a stop in Omaha, Nebraska.”

Shaped like the 25th birthday cup topped with an Oreo® Blizzard, including the red spoon, the Blizzardmobile will provide free new Mini Blizzards, a new size which is about half the size of a small 12 ounce Blizzard that will be available at Dairy Queen locations in July, exciting on-site activities, games, challenges and festivities, all while raising awareness and funds for Children’s Miracle Network. 

Perhaps one of the most imitated treats since the ice cream cone, the Blizzard has become an international treat phenomenon since its debut in 1985 when Dairy Queen began blending simple combinations of candies, cookies, fruits, nuts and DQ soft serve, to create the signature Blizzard Flavor Treat.  Since then, one-of-a-kind flavors such as Midnight Truffle, Strawberry CheeseQuake®, Brownie Batter, Turtle Oreo, Banana Cream Pie and Double Fudge Cookie Dough have delighted Dairy Queen fans as featured Blizzards of the Month, a program that began in 2003.

Many Blizzard flavors, including Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie, can be made into delicious cakes, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.

The incredible popularity of the Blizzard brand is what led Dairy Queen to initiate the Blizzard Fan Club in 2005. Today the Fan Club is nearly 2.3 million members strong and growing. Log on to the Web site at

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